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I’m working out a small business idea that I’ll share with you guys soon. Just figuring out some of the logistics with the help of some of my smartie-pants friends. Thing is, I’m realizing that it does require a tiny amount of start-up cash. 

“The idiots” would say this is a reason not to go into business at all. I’ve decided not to listen to them this time. So… I just spent the last few hours setting up my etsy shop! I’m selling off a few small items that I’ve made at discounted prices in the hopes that they’ll go quickly so I can get this new business going. Check it out! I will be adding a few more quilted items tomorrow after I figure out where I stashed ’em. 


Please take a look. If these items are not to your taste, but you know someone who might enjoy them, please pass the link along. Thank you!


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