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I’m tempted to call this a glad list. Even with its religious connotations, I think the word gratitude still fits better. (I’m not sure where I stand on the whole God thing, although I still respectfully capitalize that term as a proper noun. I’m okay in not knowing for now… as long as I’m honest about it I’m not pretending to believe something I don’t.)┬áThis post isn’t about that anyway. I happen to be having an exceptionally good day emotionally, so here it is: my grateful list. Even if I may not be grateful to someone/thing, I still am decidedly saying “thanks” for these happening.

  • Ceiling fans and nights that cool off.
  • Fathers, even when they (or you) move far away.
  • Photos of baby faces. Especially the adorable ones submitted to me recently in response to my samples request.
  • Encouragement to write (stories, poetry, this blog…)
  • My sister clicking “like” on every post I make on facebook. Aunt Claudia doing so as well.
  • Cats that do funny things like try to catch bugs that are on the other side of the glass door.
  • Pickles. Especially the tiny, crunchy, tangy ones. Mmmmm…
  • Eyeglasses. I was reminded by a commercial today just how different life would be if I didn’t have access to clear sight. I’d be limited tremendously in what I could do. I’m nearsighted, so I couldn’t drive… or recognize friends from across the room.
  • The game, Quiltopoly. Yup, it’s Monopoly for quilters. Even though I mostly play by myself it just makes me smile every time. What quilter wouldn’t understand that seam-ripping is the same as jail?!
  • Batik fabrics. Oh my are they just so beautiful! Bonus: no right or wrong side of fabric.
  • A minigroup I’m in that, among other things, asks “how are you?” and expects an honest answer. From everybody. And it’s okay if you’re not okay.
  • My clothes dryer. And washer. And me not having to spend all day not even at the laundromat, but scrubbing everything by hand. Technological advances.
  • Summer camps, and that my siblings and I got to experience them. Amazing things happen on camp time. It’s like nowhere else in the world.
  • Having the desire to make lists of things I’m grateful for. What a blessing! (Another religious word I’m going to use anyway.) Especially considering my darkness.

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